Carl Laukkanen

Music Teacher & Composer


I teach Ukulele, Piano and Guitar from beginner to intermediate, young children to adults. I have taught private music lessons for over 5 years. Prior to teaching lessons, I worked in early childhood education and have also co-run a music / art summer camp for the last 4 years.

My teaching is based on a foundation in music theory, technique and history. Instead of relying on one method I mix and match to expose my students to different methods, styles, and genres. This could mean working on a classical piece, drawing upon the song cannon, introducing songwriting, or incorporating the voice with playing.

I teach written music as well as playing by ear. As a musician, having a strong ear is the most important asset, but I want my students to have fluidity between being on or off the page. My goal with each student is to set them up with solid fundamentals of technique, posture, and a well tuned ear, while inspiring their curiosity, creativity and individuality. Every student is unique and I strive to help each one find their own musical path. I believe in the power and importance of music and the creative expression in the everyday.

I graduated with a BA in Music from The College of Santa Fe in NM and I have studied everything from classical, folk, jazz, improvisation, computer music, and rock. I also play the viola, kantele and drums, In my free time I write my own songs and sing a rock band, play in an ambient band in addition to many more musical adventures.

For questions about rates, times, or to schedule a lesson, or any non sequitur email Carl: